17th Century Charles I Oak Wainscot Chair

17th Century Charles I Oak Wainscot Chair

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Circa 1625 - An amazing old survivor that just full of remarkable age charm. It is sure to impress!

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    Circa 1625 - This handsome oak chair is an amazing piece. Likely originating from East Anglia, the piece has witnessed close to 400 years of history. It has a beautiful color and patina, and is amazingly sturdy for its age. It has a twin lunette carved top rail above a lozenge and lunette carved back panel. This chair will impress, trust me!

    Condition: All things considered, the chair is in good condition and is very strong and sturdy. There is a lot of very old historic work, which can be seen in the photos.  I believe the planked seat is an 18th Century replacement. There are also later blocks and stretchers. There is quite a bit of historic wood worm that is long extinct. It actually adds to the character of the chair and is further testament to its age. I am happy to take additional photos, please ask.

    Dimensions: 42"H x 28"W x 23"D